If you think it's expensive hiring a good contractor, try hiring a bad one!

Listed are a few tips to help verify a contractor for your next project.



Proper Licencing: Make sure the contractor has the proper residential and commercial licencing, and that they are up to date. Many contractors do not hold their own licence. Verify that they are using their own, and not a different contractor's.  If you hire an unlicensed contractor and something goes wrong, there is not much you can do to reclaim your loss. 

BBB Accredited Business: Being Accredited helps ensure your trust with the contractor, and that they will do the job right, and if problems do occur, they'll fix them.

Adequate Insurance: Check with your prospective contractor to ensure they have the proper coverage to protect you and them in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Ask and Check References: Contractors should be willing to provide a list of references upon request. Check up on them and make sure they are capable of meeting your requirements.

Written Quote: Have the contractor list out all the services you are expecting to have done to your home or business. Keep in mind, if you get a cheap quote, make sure they are not cutting any corners that will cost you more in the long run! Make sure you get mulitple quotes from different contrators. For honest, getting the job done right the first time estimates, call All American Home Improvement today!