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Outsider Contractors

When storms hit the tristate area, roofing contractors from out of town come in and try to make extra money for quick jobs. They try to get as many roofs repaired in a short amount of time as they can. This causes poor workmanship, failing roofs, and ugly patchwork that doesn’t match your original shingles. Outsider contractors often do not carry certifications, or warranties. This in turn causes you, the homeowner, more money in the long run.

The All American Way

When you hire All American Home Improvement as your local roofing contractor, you are being backed by some of the best workmanship and product warranties in the market today. Since we are Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor certified, we offer lifetime warranties for your new roof.  We will also match Owens Corning shingle colors. In the rare case that we can’t, we will reroof your whole home. Another advantage we hold over other contracts is we will work with your insurance company to help save you as much money as possible.


It’s hot Don! Do you want to know why it’s NEVER a good idea to buy cheap shingles?

In the summer when low quality shingles are installed on a home, the product cannot hold up well with heat. The shingle becomes soft, much like tar in the road cracks.  When the shingles become soft, the nails used to hold them into place, blow right through the entire shingle. This causes very poor stability against winds and storms and equals a total waste of your money.

All American Home Improvement offers Duration Shingles from Owens Corning. This shingle has a specialty woven fabric called SureNail Strip. This Strip is placed over the area where the nail gun shoots the nails through, and will greatly decrease any nail blow through.

Always go with Evansville’s certified Owens Corning contractor, All American Home Improvement, for all of your roofing needs!