Your roof deserves a system, not just a roof.

All American Home Improvement is Evansville, Indiana’s Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Roofing Contractor. We implement a seven step system on your home when we replace roofs to ensure quality and property safety.

Step 1:  Protect the Property
We protect your property during the whole process, from tear off to the installation.

Step 2: Tear off
In order to make sure the roof decking and underlying materials are in good shape, we tear off all of the old shingles.

Step 3: Inspection
Our team is trained to provide the most thorough inspections of the decking under your old roofing. We will replace or repair any blemishes before installing your new roof over top to ensure the roof is fully secure.

Step 4: Preparing the Roof
We prepare your roof for the shingles by installing shields that protect against water and ice. After we install the shields onto your roof, we place a felt layer to help prevent shingles from sticking to the wood decking.

Step 5: Installing the New Roof
When all of the steps above are completed, we install your new roof.

Step 6: Site Cleanup
All American Home Improvement will clean up any mess from our company on a daily basis until the job is completed so you don’t have to see or deal with it at all.

Step 7: Final Inspection
Once the roof is complete, we provide a tedious post roofing inspection and in flaws will be repaired.

We earned the System Champion Award for the Mid South section of the US! This another step in the right direction to assure we give our customers the best contracting experience in the Tristate! We are your Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractors! Thank you to all of our customers!

We greatly appreciate our customers and are happy we were able to help this family in their time of need! Thank you for the kind words!

"We had an emergency and massive leak with our roof, unbeknownst to us, it was in horrendous shape. Being a military family and living 2500 miles away from our home, we needed someone we can trust. I was referred to this company (Hanz was the only one out of several companies to even return a call), and was in tears explaining the situation from Seattle based on pictures alone. To say we were upset is an understatement. Hanz was completely patient and understanding. He went out the next day to get a look, let us know everything that was going on- things our home inspector had missed! Within the week All American Home Improvement, LLC had the entire roof finished at an unbeatable price. I cannot even begin to thank him and this company enough. It looks fantastic!!! The amount of consideration, care, professionalism, and understanding cannot be matched anywhere else. Our new roof is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you again for all you have done for our family!! We will be using you guys for all our home improvement needs!"

-Em Seymour

Your home could have mold developing in your attic from a leaky roof. Don't let this happen to you! Call Evansville's best, All American Home Improvement at 812-746-1115. We offer FREE home roof inspections!

SureNail Technology from Owens Corning

Owens Corning Patented SureNail technology has an enhanced design and performance making it the top shingle preferred by home owners and roofing contractors on the market.

  • Woven, reinforced nailing area
  • Blow-through resistance
  • Triple layer protection
  • Nail-pull resistance
  • Triple layer protection


Breakthrough design features a tough, woven, engineered reinforcing fabric in the nailing area to promote easy, fast and consistent nail gun fastening.

Triple Layer Protection® from a unique “triple layer” of reinforcement that occurs when the fabric overlays the common bond of the shingle laminate layers, resulting in excellent fastener holding power.

Outstanding adhesion from our enhanced Tru-Bond®† sealant, which grips tightly to the engineered fabric nailing strip on the shingle below. 

Excellent adhesive power due to specially formulated wide adhesive bands that help keep shingle layers laminated together. 

Exceptional wind resistance that delivers 130-MPH* wind warranty performance with only four nails. Requires 33% fewer nails for maximum warranty protection**, which can mean fewer deck penetrations.

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